Wimbi® National Chapters Policy

Help make Wimbi® a global phenomenon.

The Wimbi® community goes wherever the web goes — and has become a worldwide effort to promote digital identity and choice on the web.

In order to promote the further adoption of Wimbi® around the world, the Wimbi Foundation® encourages the creation of member chapters — both large and small.

Wimbi® chapters are officially part of the Wimbi Foundation® and work within their own constituency to support our mission of fostering and promoting the development and adoption of Wimbi® as a framework for user-centric identity on the Internet.

If you wish to start a local chapter in your country or join an established community please get in touch.


The following National Chapters policy was approved by the Board of the Wimbi Foundation® (“WF”) on October 29, 2020.

1. National Chapters

National Chapters (or “Chapters”) are local, national or multi-national organizations in countries all ower the world that are independent of the Wimbi Foundation® and have entered into an agreement with the Wimbi Foundation® in accordance with this chapter policy. The Wimbi Foundation® will list the currently registered Chapters on wimbi.foundaton. The Wimbi Foundation® assumes the role and responsibilities of a National Chapter.

2. Purpose

The relationship between the Wimbi Foundation® and the National Chapters is a not-for-profit collaboration to promote Wimbi® technologies and lead community efforts at the local level. Apart from what is specifically agreed to, there are no mutual financial obligations between the parties.

3. Registration

National Chapters shall be registered at the Wimbi Foundation®. It is the sole discretion of the Wimbi Foundation® board to approve the registration of an organization as a Chapter. Organizations in countries where a Chapter is not registered may apply to the Wimbi Foundation® for recognition as a Chapter by sending an email to board@wimbi.foundation. In this email, the applicants must signify their agreement and document their ability to meet the terms of this policy, and supply: a) name of the organization, b) country in which the organization resides, c) the bylaws of the organization, d) contact information for the organizers, and e) the URL that the Wimbi Foundation® should use when listing the chapter.

4. Name

Chapters may use the title “Wimbi Foundation® X” or “Wimbi X” (where X denotes the name of the country) as their official name or alias. This right is forfeited with the termination of the agreement between the Wimbi Foundation® and the Chapter.

5. Member policy

Chapters will clearly inform their members and prospective members that membership in the Chapter does not grant them membership in the Wimbi Foundation® and will encourage their members to also join the Wimbi Foundation®.

6. Directed membership dues

Sustaining Members of a Chapter that are also members of the Wimbi Foundation® may choose to direct up to 60% of their the Wimbi Foundation® membership dues to their Chapter. Chapters must agree and ensure that all activities funded by directed the Wimbi Foundation® membership dues are in support of the Wimbi Foundation® mission statement and working areas. Directed membership dues from the Wimbi Foundation® may not be used for other purposes than events open for international participation, interops, and protection of the Wimbi Foundation® intellectual property rights without permission from the Wimbi Foundation®. Directed membership dues shall not be used for normal administration or communication purposes, including website design and operation.

7. Activities and Reporting

Chapters must exhibit regular activity and ensure that up-to-date information about Wimbi® technologies is available to their members and to other citizens and corporations within their country or countries. At least once a year and upon the request of the Wimbi Foundation®, the Chapter must report to the Wimbi Foundation® on its activities. The report must include financial records documenting the use of the funding directed from the Wimbi Foundation®.

8. Intellectual Property

Chapters are being assigned a right and duty to act as an agent for trademark policing, and must be in a suitable legal form to fulfill this role. Chapters must agree that any intellectual property rights or trademarks developed or held by them within the scope of the Wimbi Foundation® must either be freely transferred to the Wimbi Foundation®, or licensed perpetually to the Wimbi Foundation® under terms that allow the Wimbi Foundation® to use them in whatever way it sees fit, including sublicensing to others under terms of its choosing. The one exception to this policy is that a Chapter may have a Chapter logo or mark that is only available to members of that Chapter, provided that that logo or mark does not infringe the Wimbi® trademark.

9. Non-Exclusive Relationships

Chapters are free to maintain relationships and partnerships with other organizations, provided that the purpose and conduct of those relationships is consistent with this Chapter’s Policy.

10. Changes and Termination

The Wimbi Foundation® and Chapters may both terminate their agreement with 90 days written notice.

If the Wimbi Foundation® alters this Chapters Policy it will notify all Chapters of the change. Following such notification, Chapters will have 90 days to apply for registration under the new terms. Failure to do so will result in termination of the contract without further notice. Termination of the agreement does not affect any intellectual property rights or trademarks fully or partly transferred to the Wimbi Foundation®, or licensed to the Wimbi Foundation® as a consequence of this policy. Unless otherwise documented, any such intellectual property shall be deemed to have been freely transferred to the Wimbi Foundation® under the terms of the agreement.